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New Businesses Coming to Fowler – Every person(s) with the intent to start a new business in the City of Fowler is required to fill out a Business License application with all the information necessary. After submission of the New Business License Application, the form will be first routed to the Planning Department to insure that the location of the intended business is zoned for the nature of the business you plan to conduct. Then the Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer will review the application for potential inspections that may need to be conducted at the physical location of the business to insure it is up to code (i.e. ADA compliance and Health and Safety Code compliance). Finally when and if the application is approved the business specific fee is paid. Business Licenses are required to be renewed every Calendar Year and the fee is not pro-rated.

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Fowler Municipal Code: Reference Business License Section 3-1.101

Fowler Municipal Code: Reference Flat Rate Fees 3-1.401

Home Occupations – When a person wants to conduct business in their home/residence a Business License and Home Occupation Permit is required. Before a Home Occupation Permit can be issued a Home Occupation Application needs to be filled out and approved by Building and Planning Department.

Fowler Zoning Ordinance: Reference Home Occupations Section 9-5.21.22

A Business License Application can be obtained by clicking below..
Please contact Rebecca Molina by phone (559) 834-3113 ext. 107 or by email ( for information on business license fees and any additional requirements for your particular business. Applications can be submitted by email to: **Download Application **

Payment for fee can also be made and submitted online by clicking here: Online Payment Service

For Zoning questions please contact:

Dawn Marple, Planning Consultant
128 S. 5th Street
Fowler, CA 93625
(559) 834-3113 ext. 122

For Building/Code Enforcement questions please contact:
Nolasco Baxa, Building Inspector
City of Fowler
128 S. 5th Street
Fowler, CA 93625
(559) 834-3113 ext. 119
(559) 834-0185 Fax

Michael Koch, Code Enforcement Officer
City of Fowler
128 S. 5th Street
Fowler, CA 93625
(559) 834-3113 ext. 108
(559) 834-0185

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