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The Water Department provides for the distribution of high quality potable water for the residents of the City of Fowler. The current system is comprised of six wellsites located throughout the City. The Department repairs and replaces water lines, pumps, meters and other equipment and assists in maintaining the integrity of the system. The billing and payment services water are located in the Administration office at City Hall. The Water Quality Report, which provides more detail regarding the City’s potable water, can be obtained by contacting the Water Department.

Resolution 2482 – Residential Water Service Discontinuation Policy – Read Notice

COVID-19 California’s Drinking Water Systems

Public Water System COVID-19 Considerations

–Notice to Utility Customers: High Water Usage Resulting in Increased Billing: Read Notice

–Now you could make your payments Online: Read Notice

–Notice to City of Fowler Utility Customers: Read Notice

06/17/2022 – City of Fowler 2021 Water Quality Report – read more

–Updated Watering Schedule – read more

Starting/Stopping water service quick reference guide – read more

Groundwater Sustainability Agencyread more

For billing questions or to start or discontinue water service contact:

Nancy Mares, Account Clerk
City of Fowler
128 S. 5th Street
Fowler, CA 93625
(559) 834-3113 ext. 100
(559) 834-0185 Fax

For technical questions related to water quality, well sites, backflow, etc., contact:

Contact: Dario Dominguez, Public Works Director
City of Fowler
128 S. 5th Street
Fowler, CA 93625
(559) 834-3113 ext. 121
(559) 834-0185 Fax

OFFICE HOURS: Mon-Fri 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
LUNCH: 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Backflow Test Report Form – read more
Certified Backflow Tester List – read more

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