The Blossom Trail City

City Government

The City of Fowler is a general law city, incorporated June 15, 1908, operating under the Council-manager form of government. The City Manager is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the City Council. Fowler is a full service city that provides general administrative, community and economic development, police, fire, water, recreation and senior citizen services. Sewer service is provided by S. K. F. Sanitation District. Solid Waste Services are provided by U.S.A.Waste, Inc.

The City utilizes the services of a contract Attorney, Planner and Engineer. The City Engineer designs and implements capital improvements for such projects as streets and roads, water wells, and reviews proposed projects such as residential and commercial subdivisions for consistency with design standards. The Engineer also oversees, inspects and recommends acceptance of public works and street improvements. The City Attorney provides general legal advice to the City Council, City Manager and City Departments on all aspects of city business, represents the city in any legal action, handles the acquisition or condemnation of property, and prepares ordinances, contracts, resolutions and opinions. The City Planning Consultant assists the Planning Department and Planning Commission with long range planning for appropriate land use within the City limits and the City’s Sphere of Influence.