The Blossom Trail City

Interactive Maps

The Story Map

On April 28th, 2021, the consultant team for the City of Fowler General Plan Update conducted a public workshop to present land use alternatives and solicit community feedback on proposed land use changes. During the workshop, the consultant team shared the project story map. The story map combines maps, text, and graphics to provide valuable background information and summarize the land use changes being proposed.

*Please note that the background information, proposed land uses, and boundaries described in the story map may change throughout the General Plan Update process. These changes may not always be reflected in the story map. The Interactive Map will reflect the most up-to-date proposed land uses.

Click here to access the story map in English

Click here to access the story map in Spanish

The Interactive Map

The interactive map allows users to locate specific parcels and identify important information, including the parcel size, current land use designation, and proposed land use designation. Together, the story map and interactive map are tools the community can use to stay up to date on the most recent land uses being proposed as part of the General Plan Update.

Click here to access the interactive map