The Blossom Trail City

Project Background

The City of Fowler is in the process of updating its General Plan.  This update will address issues that impact the entire City, such as how land is used, the location of roads and parks, and issues related to safety, noise, and more. All City plans, zoning, and development must be consistent with the General Plan.

What is a General Plan?

A General Plan is a comprehensive, long-range planning document that forms the basis of land use decisions and envisions how a community will grow. It confirms community values, establishes guiding principles, and determines development policy, objectives, standards, and program proposals.

All California cities and counties are required by law to adopt a General Plan. Plans must include certain required elements, such as land use, safety, and circulation. Jurisdictions may also add additional elements based on local need and organize the plan in any way they see fit.

Why is the City updating its General Plan?

The City of Fowler adopted its first General Plan in 1976. The current Plan, adopted in June 2004, runs through 2025 and includes land use, circulation, housing, and economic development. Since its adoption, the General Plan has been revised and amended but not comprehensively updated. Most notably, Fowler adopted the Fresno County Multi-Jurisdictional Housing Element in April 2016.

It is important for the Plan to be updated to represent changed community conditions. Additionally, new legislation has altered General Plan requirements, new social and environmental issues have emerged, and new planning strategies and practices have been developed. This update will incorporate these changes and better equip Fowler to address today’s challenges and look ahead to 2040.

The objectives of this General Plan Update are to:

  • Confirm the vision for the community,
  • Provide clear goals and policies to support the community vision and guide decision-making,
  • Prepare a plan to implement the goals and policies,
  • Comply with state requirements and incorporate best planning practices, and
  • Create a user-friendly General Plan.

How does the General Plan affect me?

General Plans help prioritize City actions to align with community priorities and are the basis for regulations and administrative procedures. The content of the General Plan also helps City staff, the Planning Commission, and City Council make decisions regarding land use and the physical environment. All these decisions directly impact how the community grows and develops in the future.