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Mandatory Commercial Recycling

Beginning July 1, 2012, all businesses and public entities in California generating 4 or more cubic yards of waste will be required to recycle materials under the new law AB 341.ln addition, multi-family apartments with 5 or more units will be required to recycle. The new requirement is designed to help meet California’s recycling goal of 75% by the year 2020, and ensure that recyclables are kept from being disposed of in landfills.

Who is required to observe the mandate?
• All businesses, schools, and institutions generating 4 cubic yards or more of solid waste per week.
• All multi-family apartment complexes with 5 or more units.

How do I comply with AB 341?
Businesses can take one or any combination of the following in order to reuse, recycle, compost or otherwise divert solid waste from disposal:
• Self-haul.
• Subscribe to a hauler(s).
• Arrange for the pickup of recyclable materials.
• Subscribe to a recycling service that may include mixed waste processing that yields diversion results comparable to source separation.

What are the benefits of recycling?
• Opportunities for businesses or multi-family complexes to save money.
• Reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
• Keeping valuable materials out of landfills.
• Creating a healthy environment for the community and future generations by recovering natural resources.

Who may I contact for recycling services?
• Contact local Waste Management at (559) 834-4070

Where do I find more information regarding AB 341?
• Visit the Mandatory Commercial Recycling webpage on the CalRecycle website here.
• Visit the Frequently Asked Questions webpage on the Cal Recycle website here.

• City of Fowler Commercial recycling regulations – Read More

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